About Us

OTELYX is an “International Supplier for Hospitality Industry” and owner of the brand name AEB

OTELYX is serving to the Hospitality Industry Worldwide. OTELYX manufactures and exports

hotel equipments and products worldwide.

Our Services Include

• Concept Desing

• Preparing Shop Drawings

• In-House production

Otelyx Dizayn is a “one stop shop” for the complete interior design and equipments
for your hotel properties.

We present a complete assortment for your:

• Hotel Room
• Bathroom
• Bar & and Restaurant
• Conference & Banqueting facilities
• Front & Back Office
• Public Areas
• Housekeeping
* Kitchen

The service of Otelyx exceeds simple delivery. One Shipment, One Responsible Company,
One Invoice and Cheap/Discounted


Make use of the possibility to request a quotation. You will receive this quotation with in 24 hours.

If you are looking for a specific product we will be happy to come by for
personal advice and a customized quotation for the most suitable product on the right location.

We are speaking same language… You can reach us for all of your questions from;

e-mail: info@otelyx.com


URL: www.otelyx.com