# 1336 RFID Card Energy Savers
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AYou will make real energy saving with S Power RFID Card Intelligent Energy Saver which is manufacturing in Turkey and selling worldwide.








energy SaverS Power energy savers works by reading codes and data on your RFID key cards. There is a RFID reader head on it. It does not operate with any objects such as credit cards,
hard objects, business cards etc. It is just operating with your room key cards.





Energy Saver It has 2×16 Amp relays. One of the relay for lighting and the other is for air conditioning.
You can install a switch on your balcony door or window door. When the balcony or window door is open your air conditioner does not work but lights is continue to work.





Energy SaverTechnical Data

  • S Power has all sort of protection such as short circuit, high voltage and wrong installations.
  • S Power can easily reads the data on 3rd track of your key cards.
  • S Power has LED’s for easily finding in darkness. When your guests remove their cards from the reader unit, power will
    disconnected after 40 seconds automaticaly.
  • S Power has very competitive price and has three finish choices
    which is black white and chrome colors.
  • S power is microprecessor controlled and has two units. First unit
    is relay box and the second is reader. There is no risk for your
    guest because of using 12 Volt electricity in reader.
  • S Power designed for any size of hotel properties.